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Our Story

Our Story


The rise of tailgating and a heightened social media presence provided an avenue for students to express their style through their game-day outfits. This created a demand for on-trend collegiate gear, that the market was not providing; opening up the doors for Recess Apparel.

Recess Apparel is a collegiate apparel company that combines on-trend fashion with college inspired designs. Our products and designs allow customers to  express their school spirit without sacrificing their individual style. Our products are trendy, flattering and unique. 

As freshman at the University of Wisconsin, we were excited to dress up for our first college game day but struggled when it came time to find Wisconsin apparel that was actually cool. Everything at the bookstore was boxy, unisex, and had the same basic design. We started to cut and sew our own tube tops from the shirts that we bought and immediately generated demand from our friends wanting their own. From here, we realized the untapped market for unique collegiate apparel and formed Recess Apparel our sophomore year. We grew our product base, created new designs, and drove sales around campus with pop up shops. 

From there, we saw an even bigger opportunity nationwide to create unique products and stylish designs for other schools. Our apparel designs stay up to date with fashion trends so that our customers can be trendy and comfortable in items that they will want to wear everyday.


Our Product

We customize our items for ALL Universities- the college designs seen on our website can be made for any college/ occasion that you desire. With the growth of our brand and customer base, we expanded our company and curated a boutique line with products that can be worn to compliment our collegiate pieces on game day or styled your way.