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Our Story

Our Story

The rise of tailgating and a heightened social media presence has created a runway for students to express their style through game-day looks. This created a need for on-trend collegiate gear, that the market was not providing; opening up the doors for Recess Apparel.

We were originally targeting female college fans, and even more specifically college girls who were sick of boxy unisex sweatshirts and t-shirts with the same basic designs. To solve this problem, some girls would try to cut their college clothing and make them more feminine and different than everything else on the market, or they would spend tons of money to get overpriced custom items online. With Recess Apparel girls can drop the scissors and big $$ because our apparel is trendy, flattering, and unique. We did the cutting so that they don’t have to.

From there, we saw an even bigger opportunity to target both women and men of all ages with our stylish designs. College apparel typically has the same repetitive design. Recess Apparel tackles all of the above. Our apparel designs stay up to date with fashion trends. Recess customers can be trendy and comfortable in items that they will want to wear everyday.


Our Product

We customize our items for ALL Universities- the designs seen on our website can be made for the college/ occasion that you desire. Recess Apparel started at UW- Madison, which is why a lot of our items are pictured in Wisconsin colors.

Some of our items are hand made, making each item unique and slightly different from each other! We also make everyday wear with our highest quality items and basic sleek logos.