Opportunities – Recess Apparel LLC


Recess Apparel is looking for Campus Representatives and Brand Ambassadors to promote our game day and/or boutique collections.

What is a Recess Apparel Campus Rep?

As a Recess Apparel campus rep, you have the opportunity to make money during the school year by generating sales on campus and through social media. You will make commission from any of the sales that you generate. Our Campus Reps help us seek new opportunities, reach new markets, and promote the Recess Apparel Brand. Build your resume while gaining real sales experience by coordinating pop up shops on campus and building a customer base.

 Campus Rep Tasks Include:

  • Lead campus initiatives to market and sell game day or boutique apparel for your school 
  • Assist in analyzing demand and manage inventory on your campus
  • Hold on to multiple boxes of inventory to sell at shows
  • Plan frequent pop up shops on campus to distribute inventory and generate in person sales
  • Occasionally fulfill online orders for your school
  • Work with other team members on campus
  • Photograph new products and designs to generate website and social media content

Additional Ways To Get Involved (Not Required)

  • Design creative and unique graphics for new products and designs
  • Work with local businesses/ organizations to create merchandise
  • Plan photoshoots and generate content for our instagram
  • Create video content for TikTok
  • Manage Instagram posts
  • Assist in planning giveaways and promotions
  • Generate content for a bi-weekly blog
  • Create email and social media marketing campaigns

An Ideal Campus Rep

  • Freshman, Sophomore or Junior in college
  • Personable, outgoing and hardworking
  • Interested in fashion, management, sales, design, accounting, entrepreneurship, or advertising
  • Eager to plan on campus pop up shops
  • Able to manage their time to balance school work with Recess tasks
  • Has strong campus knowledge and knows potential locations to host shows
  • Interested in seeking further involvement


  • Employee discounts and coupon codes for friends and family 
  • Hands-on work experience with provided resume building points
  • Free merchandise
  • Internship experience 
  • Opportunity to make money while easily balancing school work
  • Influence over new products 

What is a Recess Apparel Brand Ambassador?

We are looking for more faces to promote and represent our brand. As a brand ambassador for Recess Apparel, you will be asked to promote our products across your campus and social media accounts. You will plan photoshoots and help us generate content for our website and instagram. You will have access to exclusive discounts and will have the opportunities to make a commission off of the sales that you generate.  

Brand Ambassador Tasks Include:

  • Assist in campus initiatives to market and sell gameday or boutique apparel at your school
  • Coordinate photoshoots of new products 
  • Actively post on social media platform to promote Recess
  • Generate content for our instagram feed

​An Ideal Brand Ambassador

  • College student
  • Fashionable and outgoing with an active social media presence
  • Interested in marketing, PR, or social media
  • Creative eye for product imagery
  • Assist in analyzing campus demand
  • Occasionally assist team members at pop up shops.

How to Apply

Does this sound like the perfect job for you?  We would love to hear from you! Please fill out our quick application below.

You will hear back from us in about two to four weeks.